NEW Lesson Openings

GUITAR (acoustic or electric) Lessons


Ages 8 to adult

Learn guitar from the ground up. Whether you’ve never held a guitar before or you can already play songs and solos.  Learn practice techniques, performance, improvisation and more.

$20 for a half-hour lesson.   Weekly spots now available.

*guitar required (if electric, amp provided)

About Jon

I’ve been playing, writing and studying music for almost 30 years. I enjoy teaching others to achieve their goals or to learn a new skill. Throughout my music career I have given lessons, provided mentorship and tutored in music theory.  I teach kids and adults from my small project studio at The PorterMill Studios which is perfectly suited for one-on-one lessons. I am a part-time stay-at-home-Dad and my hours are flexible.”

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Contact info:


95 Rantoul Street

Studio 3-1

Beverly, MA 01915