JON BELLINI musician / developer / instructor
musician / developer / instructor
Recently I’ve contracted with many small game studios and Berklee Pulse doing original music and sound design. For a number of years now was a repeat guest artist at RAW artwork's film school: Real to Reel working with the students and their films. In the past I worked as Audio Director at Monad Games releasing the iPhone game “Rhythm Spirit”. The game features a critically acclaimed soundtrack album and was well received by consumers. The game is no longer in the app-store, but have a feeling it will return someday! Over the years I’ve scored a number of other games. I may just put out an album of all my work someday... Before graduating Berklee College of Music with a degree in Film Scoring I went to a technical school in the mid 90’s to learned how to code in C, Unix, and Visual Basic. I worked as a programmer from 1995-2003 working at companies like Epsilon and Metricom doing low-level socket programming to bit twiddling on an IBM mainframe. I also have a passion for game development. I do most of my work from home except when I'm teaching. And when I’m not working I’m home playing music or games...or building something! I'm Jon, a Boston area native, musician, developer and instructor. Currently contracting on various projects ranging from music, sound design, game development and teaching college classes.