I’m a Boston area native, I mainly write and produce  music  for  Games,  Film, TV and Video.

Currently I’m contracting on various projects ranging from music, sound design, game development and teaching.

I’m excited to be working on my first game called ‘Alpha One’.  I started development mid 2013 as a hobby and I found myself playing it quite a lot. As time when on I got more and more excited by it. Soon it was a full blown passion and I decided to become serious about it.  It’s still a long way off, but I am confident I’ll be able to deliver it full cycle.

I’ve recently contracted with AppMinis and Berklee Pulse doing original music and sound design.  For a number of years now I’ve been a repeat guest artist at RAW artwork's film school: Real to Reel working with the students and their films. I’ve also worked with the director of the film school: Chris Gaines writing music for films like this

In the past I worked as Audio Director at Monad Games releasing the iPhone game “Rhythm Spirit”. The game features a critically acclaimed soundtrack album and was pretty well received by consumers.  The game is no longer in the app-store, but I have a feeling it will return someday.  Over the years I’ve scored a number of other  games. I may just put out an album of all my work someday...

Before graduating Berklee College of Music with a degree in Film Scoring I went to a technical school in the mid 90’s to learned how to code in C, Unix, and Visual Basic. I worked as a programmer from 1995-2003 working at companies like Epsilon and Metricom doing low-level socket programming to bit twiddling on an IBM mainframe.  As I’ve mention my recently discovered passion for game development includes programs like Unity and Construct2.

I do most of my work from a project studio at the Porter Mill Artist Studios a great place with many fellow artists. And when I’m not working I’m home with my 6 yr old son who is one of the greatest game testers around - not even kidding (pun intended).

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